Member Associations

The New Zealand magazine industry is one of the most vibrant and energetic magazine markets in the world. The MPA (Magazine Publishers Association) is the face of New Zealand's magazine publishing industry; it is the primary source of information and expertise for members, advertisers, agencies, retailers and the community.

The MPA was established in 1982 to represent the interests of NZ magazine publishers and to promote professionalism in magazine publishing. Its members range from the largest multi-title publishing houses to single-title publishers from across consumer, custom, trade and business disciplines.

The MPA's function include initiatives to increase magazines' share of advertising dollars, and readers' time and money as well as represent the magazine publishing industry, and advocate on its behalf in the Government regulatory environment and Business Community. The MPA defends the freedom of the press and recognises and promotes industry Excellence through New Zealand magazine awards.

Promoting the industry's business ethics and best practice, the MPA's elected Executive Board is a unified and independent voice.

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