Our Team

Andrew Burge


As Founder and CEO of isubscribe globally, Andrew oversees all operations in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Hunter Drinan

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of the Australian & New Zealand businesses, Hunter manages the day-to-day operations, Client management and the Team.

Anna McGeoch

Marketing & Publisher Manager

Anna looks after all our promotions, affiliate marketing programs and publisher communication. She also oversees the customer service team.

Chris Richardson

Head of IT

Our Head of IT, Chris is the epitome of zen (a must-have in the tech department). Chris has been developing the isubscribe platform since day one.

Lucy Windeyer

Finance Manager

When you need to run the numbers, Lucy, our Finance Manager, is the lady for the job! In charge of all things financial, Lucy looks after our books.

Gracie Gunn

Corporate Account Manager

As our top notch Corporate Account Manager, Gracie manages the day-to-day operations of our corporate client business.

Stef Canalicchio

Graphic Designer

As our Graphic Designer, Stef joins us to continue the creative and design elements down under.

Edward Marriott

Web Developer

Ed is the office Kiwi and Web Developer, ensuring that the website is always at its best!

Michelle Morrison

Key Accounts & Customer Service Manager

As a Key Accounts & Customer Service Manager, Michelle manages the customer service team and key publisher and third party clients.

Samantha Krekelberg

Publisher Account & Customer Service Manager

As a star Publisher Account & Customer Service Manager, Sam looks after every enquiry - no matter how small or large!

Nicole Fair

Publisher Account & Customer Service Manager

As our newest Publisher Account & Customer Service Manager, Nicole takes care of the most important part of our business, our customers!